Office of the Registrar


The mission of the Registrar’s Office as an academic support service unit is anchored on the mission statement of the university whose pursuit for and spread of truth is undertaken according to the highest professional standards. Its conscious effort to support the instructional mission of the university lies in its mandate and commitment to:

  • Uphold its advocacy in protecting the integrity and confidentiality of student records at all times;
  • A robust information management system and maintenance of student database to be able to generate relevant student information as an input for program review and improvement.
  • Its pursuit to provide academic support through quality, timely and efficient service to the university’s partners manifested by the academic success and excellent educational experience of students.


The Office of the Registrar envisions a dynamic information system that will highly support the quality delivery of instructional services by the academic units. It shall be noted for its excellence in customer base service translated through its efficiency and effectiveness in accessing student data and generating valuable information for academic purposes. It shall have a systematized student monitoring procedure based on set goals and indicators of success in service delivery. Its “Management Information Plan” or IMP which spells out procedures, systems and research-based deliverables shall be known for its unique concretization of the academic requirements not only of the university but that of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and other partner institutions, here and abroad. Its active partnership and networking with professional organizations of colleges and universities, here and/or abroad, shall be a milestone in the extension service of the university.

Our Services

As the university’s hub for student records, the Office of the Registrar provides services related to students’ registration, records updating and maintenance to ascertain students’ retention in the university until graduation. It provides management and the academic units with information relevant to academic programs, student enrollment and performance, as well as alumni needs.

Office’s electronic services are supported by ICT (Information and Communication Technology) which facilitates access of grades by students and parents, online and on-campus enlistment and timely delivery of student and faculty services. Daily transactions and requests from here and abroad which are received thru e-mail, by phone or filed personally by students or alumni are attended to in accordance with the standard operating procedures or SOPs and time frame indicated herein. Policies of the Registrar's Office especially those which pertain to the confidentiality of academic records and grades of students are implemented in keeping with the provisions and guidelines found in The UA&P Student Handbook, the UA&P Registrar’s Manual of Operations 2017, one which is anchored on the Credo, Mission-Vision of the university as well as on the policies and guidelines found in the MORPHE or Manual of Regulations for Private Higher Education 2008.

The office is open daily from 8:30 to 5:30pm with no noon break from Monday to Friday (except Wednesday) and from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Saturdays.